A bad dreams and nightmares anthology, edited by Keara Stewart.

Cover by Gareth Brookes.

The full list of contributors: A Bit of Undigested Potato is: Alex Potts / Abraham Mann / Andy Poyiadgi / Annabel Dover / Cathy Lomax / Corinna Spencer / Danny Noble / David Robertson / EdieOP / Ella Dawson / Elizabeth Querstret / Francesca Cassavetti / Gareth Brookes / John Riordan / Justyna Burzynska / Karen Rubins / Karrie Fransman / Keara Stewart / Kelly Froh / Kim Clements / Martin Eden / Mary Blomley / Matilda Tristram / Mike Medaglia / Nick Soucek / Paul Shinn / Pete Hindle / Rachael Ball / Richy K. Chandler / Robert Wells / Rozi Hathaway / Ruth Collingwood / Sally-Anne Hickman / Sean Azzopardi / Steven J Harris / Tim Bird / Tom Ryling / Una / Viviane Schwarz / Wallis Eates

Named by Andy Oliver as one of his Ten 2015 UK Small Press Comics You Need to Own!

"The niggling night terrors of 40 creators bubble balefully to the surface in Keara Stewart’s unsettling anthology collection. Not just a testament to the strength of UK small press comics A Bit of Undigested Potato is also a celebration of UK small press comics community.”
Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

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"Inside the creatively titled anthology, you find 40 pieces by 40 artists across 58 pages, all to do with those dreadful dreams, covering all of the cold sweats, the feverish awakenings, the chills, the moments to give you that horribly unsettled start to the day."
Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

A BIT OF UNDIGESTED POTATO has been chosen as one of Andy Oliver’s Ten Top UK Anthology Comics for Your Consideration!

Check out the full article here: http://www.brokenfrontier.com/small-press-day-2016-anthologies-dirty-rotten-comics-off-life-tiny-pencil-team-girl-comic-comix-reader/

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